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Spring Discussions

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My Summer Discussion Sessions Start in May

#Convergence:  White Fragility, White Supremacy & White Saviorism

What it IS and how does it impact your practice.

Tuesday, May 3 @ 9am - 11am (Pacific Time)

Encore Presentation: 

Tuesday, May 24 @ 4pm - 6pm  (Pacific Time)

$99 investment for each session


Respectfully - Boundary Setting Discussion for dealing with the fat-haters in our lives

Family & Friends

Wednesday, May 11 @ 8am - 10am (Pacific Time)

Dealing with the Medical Community

Wednesday, May 18 @ 4pm - 6pm (Pacific Time)

Pay What You Can:  $30 Suggestion Investment

RSVP and secure your space today and let's evolve together. 



I’m a certified Body Trust® provider and recovering world-class, professional dieter who has been freed from the trauma and burden of diet culture now working to help others achieve personal Body Trust®.

I help health/wellness practitioners really look at themselves and help them start - where they are - on an anti-racist journey to co-conspiratorship . The goal is to acknowledge of the racist nature of #dietclture and its devastating impact in the wellness industries, develop compassion and craft literal plans to provide culturally appropriate assistance to Black patients.

I'm a racial truth teller - not a prosecuting flame thrower - and I'll work with you as we evolve OUR awareness, deconstruct old learning to reconstruct enlightened personal plans and introspective actions to become anti-racism co-conspirators.

Start your anti-racism journey with me to be a better citizen and better serve your clients and their support systems. 


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