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By Popular Demand. In-depth discussion of Dr. Sabrina Strings Book:
Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins for Fat Phobia


This ain’t any ole book discussion, y’all, It’s a chance to get real and get clear about fatphobia, diet culture, and race. 


Diet culture is racist.

I have the receipts.


Join me in this 6-week gathering to go deep and do better. 


The book will be the foundation of our discussion. However, I will be augmenting the discussion areas of the book with additional research, journal articles, current events and peer/industry insights on how race/weight/science is impacting the current state of sickness and health.  


The goals of these discussion are to:

  • Understand the twists and turns of the history of fatphobia.

  • Learn the pseudo medical foundations and the patriarchal attitudes and techniques of diet culture.     

  • Acknowledge how the overt racism of weight/race science impacts both historic and contemporary cultures. 

  • Discuss how the legacy of racist fatphobia continues to impact our current views on weight, wellness, fat, ob*sity, and how it drives the insidiousness of diet culture.


We start September 1st and will gather weekly via Zoom on Thursdays at 7 p.m. ET (4 p.m. Pacific) for 60-75 minutes.     


Your Investment:

$499 for the 6-week session — SPOTS ARE VERY LIMITED!
You receive access to discussion, live discussion and resource materials. You are responsible for purchasing the book (If possible, use a Black-owned book merchant).

Signing Up:
Use the link below to pay $499 for the 6-week session (via PayPal, so it's secure). I will be in contact with you ASAP after signing up.

Previous participants can join in on this discussion as well.

Who is this for?

Helping professionals and anyone wishing to connect and learn about the intersections of race, weight, and health. 

Smiling Girl

Discussion Framework

Week 1 (Week of 8/3)

Setting the foundation for discussions on race, racism, patriarchy and oppression

Book: Introduction – The Original Epidemic

Week 2 (Week of 8/10)

Part I: The Beauty of the Robust

Week 3 (Week of 8/17)

Part II: Race, Weight, God and Country

Week 4 (Week of 8/24)

Part II/Part 2: Race, Weight, God and Country

Week 5 (Week of 8/31)

Part III: Doctors Weight In

Week 6 (Week of 9/7)

Information into Action:

Open Dialogue on how to take this information to make an impact in your life/work.  

Virtual Discussion: TBD


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